Indianapolis Isshinryu Bushido LLC


Indy Bushido has been teaching karate and self defense in Lawrence Township, on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, since 1997. We offer family friendly classes, ages 7 - adult. Building character, confidence, discipline and sportsmanship in our students is our priority, while teaching the traditional martial art of Isshinryu Karate.

Indianapolis Isshinryu Bushido Club was formed by long-time students of Master John C. Lennox, upon his retirement in 1997. The school operated as a program within Lawrence Community Education for 12 years. At which time all proceeds were given to Lawrence Community Education. In 2009 we transformed into an LLC owned by:

Sensei John Hoffmire, 8th Dan, Sensei Larry Tylenda, 4th Dan, Sensei Janet Dicken, 4th Dan and Sensei Shellee Tylenda, 4th Dan.

Sensei John Hoffmire was a student of Sensei John C. Lennox, while the remaining LLC owners, as well as all our other Sensei, are students of Sensei Hoffmire and have trained at Indy Bushido for many years. 

Continuing the Indy Bushido philosophy, we teach as volunteers. This allows us to keep our tuition fees low. Over the years we’ve had the honor of teaching many , dedicated students, (both children and adults) watching them become honest responsible citizens.