Isshinryu Karate

Currently our Classes are Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:30PM to 7:30PM




Training is based on Isshinryu Karate which is a traditional Okinawan karate style. Our classes are geared in such a way that almost anyone any age can participate if they have the desire.

We offer continuing classes year around and billing is typicaly done for 8 to 10 week sessions and is based on the number of days in a session. 

Northeast Indianapolis in Lawrence township Indianapolis.

Classes are curently being held at Church of the Nativity 7300 Lantern Road.

 Church of the Nativity 7300 Lantern Road is North of Fall Creek Road and West of Sargent Road. 

Snow days
If for some reason the we do not have class, such as heavy snow or ice. We normally try to get emails sent out. We always work with students to makeup those days.